Printland Features

Transparent Pricing

How often has it happened that ordered that fancy-looking brochure or business card you always wanted and the printer charged you a bomb for it? At Printland, we always believed in giving out customers a full-control on the kind of product they are choosing to order. With our unique step-by-step printing process, you get a full understanding on how our cost structures work and as a result you know what you are getting giving you virtually unlimited options!

Customized Designs

Don't know how to get started to build an impressive business card for your new business? Or looking for more options for a great looking flyer or brochure? Printland offers hundreds of customizable templates each for business cards, brochures, flyers and many more items. You get to customize it the way you wished, giving it the unique twist in your personal style! In the unlikely event that you don't like our templates, you can upload yours or use our full-fledged designing service that can create a template for your specific needs!

Hassle-free reorder

At Printland, we know that once you started using our services, you'd surely come back. So, we store all your previous orders or unfinished edits making it simple to change or repeat anything you have already ordered, complete with several shipping addresses and your own uploaded designs.

Print all you need

Printland does not only print on paper, we also deliver customized CDs, ID Cards, Rubber Stamps, Bookmarks, Pens, Pen-Drives, Notepads, T-Shirts, Mugs, Calendars, Danglers, Plots, Appointment Cards, Event Tickets, Stickers/Labels, Caps, Folders and so on. Click here to find out a comprehensive list of items