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Are you set to go out for a party tonight or do you prefer to stay put at home with friends? Whatever the plan, if liquor is on your mind, indulge yourself with some smart cutlery to go with it. Glasses of the regular sorts don’t work anymore. If you want to step up the tempo of the place, and add an extra-special feel to it, make sure you have the now-popular ‘bar’ essentials – shot glasses


What is a Shot Glass?

It is a short, smart glass meant to hold your liquor before you drown it in a go. That is the key point – in a go. That means you and your buddies have a straight bottoms up with the contents of the shot glass every time they lay their hands on it. Often, it may be used to pour together elements of a mocktail or a cocktail.


Vodka and tequila shot glasses are the most sought-after among these as they are traditionally consumed via “shots.” These alcoholic concoctions are also popularized via modern cinema and television media as pop culture. Now, they have become must-haves at home and reflect the uber-cool status of modern individuals.


Buy Shot Glasses Online

Shot glasses are not just for those who own a range of alcoholic drinks collected and showcased in their bar stock. But, those teetotalers who enjoy their mocktail drinks may make good use of these small glasses that hold shots of beverages and drinks other than alcohol. Picking up glasses online in India is now as easy as clicking the mouse. Select from a wide range of online options that let you indulge with funny pictures, cartoons or humour-filled quotations. Often, these finely-designed shot glasses land up on the showcases as collectibles. They can also be used as mementoes to commemorate any special occasion like an anniversary, birthday or promotion.


Personalized Shot Glasses

Serve your buddies in style with these custom shot glasses that can be personalized to suit your taste. Better still, try these vodka and tequila shot glasses make for amazing gifts that show your loved ones that you would go off the beaten track for them.


These customize shot glasses can be custom-printed with the names of your family and friends, along with any text preferred by you or them.


Photo Printed Shot Glasses

If you wish to beat your friends at the game, get yourself a set of photo-printed shot glasses. These can be customized with your personal pictures – those of you, your family members, friends, colleagues, and so on. But, if you wish to add a dash of cinemascope colour to your life, you can get pictures of movie stars you drool over printed on your custom shot glasses, probably with their famous quotes.


On an occasion that needs to be celebrated with style, like a promotion, get your spouse or loved ones personalized shot glasses with their caricatured pictures.


Go ahead and raise a toast to life – with these super cool gifts and utilitarian shot glasses!


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