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School time is that part of one’s life which we treasure the most – the memories of the fun times, the hard work, the classes, the tests, the teachers, the friends. Wouldn’t you want this time of your ward’s life to be most enjoyable and full of great moments? Begin at the school if you want to gift your children something unique this year.


Innovate at School Labels

There is great scope of innovation with the accessories for school gear. Add a dash of colour to their school accessories beginning with the school stickers and labels pasted on top of school books and notebook covers as well as other stationery items used in school – in order to identify them. It makes sense to have something unique to identify the school accessories to your child, as there is uniformity in the appearance of almost all school stationery items.


Personalized School Stickers

Personalized School Stickers are a great option when your child is looking to stand out in the crowd of faces. He or she could literally do so, by getting a picture of them printed on the school stickers.


School stickers or labels could go atop the school bag or water bottle or sports items or any other belongings that are likely to be mistaken as another student’s belongings as is the case in most school situations.


Customized school labels

Explore options for these school labels in the world of online shopping. You could browse the web to check out and purchase these custom school stickers and labels made by designers at Printland.


We print stickers online in India, providing you with a range of choices to choose from. You could pick up one design of your choice and get the picture and name of your child printed on it. A dozen or two of these would suffice for the notebooks and school books that your child carries to class every week. You can rest assured that he or she would have his own stamp of style apart from bringing a sense of ownership and responsibility towards his or he belongings as well.


Custom school stickers are also conveniently priced for your pocket. The session at school becomes more fun with these and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.


If your ward be sporty, then get a similar sports-oriented design of school labels to go with his or her School Notebooks. If they be naughty, check them with a nice quote printed on the school sticker or label.


School stickers at Printland state the name, class, division, subject and school on a coloured background with a design on the side, leaving space for a picture of the student to be printed. Apart from this, you can create your own personalized school stickers and school labels with content that is unique and chosen by you. Get inspired by our existing templates and add your touch to customize the stickers and labels according to your situation.


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