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Photo Magnets are coloured magnetic display items with photo frames usually accompanied by a message or an inspiring thought. They serve as beautiful reminders of those who mean a lot to you. A familiar face that smiles at you on your office desk from one of these can lift you up on a hard day at work.


A photo magnet is one of those things that can make any occasion memorable and special as an out-of-the box gift. It can be personalized to add your name and text, apart from the picture.


The persons who matter to you the most can stay in front of your eyes if you get this for yourself. Else, if you would want to stay in front of them almost always to remind them how special you are to each other - this photo magnet could be the perfect answer. Put it on an office board on your desk or mount it on the door of your refrigerator.


Photo Magnets Online India

Photo magnets come with the unique attribute of being a constant reminder of someone or something and fridge photo magnets are ideal for holding up photographs and useful notes.


The staying power of these customized photo magnets gives your loved ones a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness and your presence and support in their lives.


Personalized photo magnets stick around and keep your memories alive. An occasion like a baby shower or the birth of a baby can be announced with a custom photo magnet carrying pics of parents-to-be or the baby, respectively. Or if your wedding card seems to be rather ordinary when sent alone, think different. Add a custom photo magnet that says your wedding date and names, serving as the perfect reminder!


Stay in the Sight and in the Mind

Photo magnets pop up right in front of you – literally staring in your face – whenever you open the refrigerator door to dig into it for some cold water or vegetables, etc. But, they have an added benefit as holders as they can be used to pin up material to the metallic door. You could use these to hold up any important lists like grocery and to-do lists, dates, recipes and so on to keep track of the important stuff on a daily basis.


Personalized Photo Magnets

Personalized photo magnets can be sought out as gifts that live up to the adage of great things coming in Small Packages. On a birthday, or an anniversary, or on graduation day – you could pick up one of these and get your choice of photograph printed on it in either landscape or portrait mode.


Go online and browse through scores of designs available on Printland. Seek out one that suits the occasion and the personality of the recipient of the gift.


An innovative way of using photo magnets is as business cards or as Birthday Gifts that stay in the vision and minds of clients and Friends. In this way, these photo magnets provide a pragmatic solution to your business communication and connectivity needs.


Convert any metal surface into a photo collage or gallery with an assortment of custom photo magnets carrying your family or friends’ pictures. These photo magnets will help you adorn your any metallic surfaces at your workplace or home.


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