Iball Power Banks

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iBall offers a variety of power banks at affordable prices

iBall is known widely for its innovative gadgets and accessories. The company brings budget gadgets for users. So, the price of power banks comes under budget and everyone can afford it easily. The range of back up capacity of iBall power banks varies between 2000mAh and 20000mAh that offers an option to choose a power bank according to the requirement of the user. Usually, people buy 10000mAh power bank and 20000mAh power bank for their use. In case of limited use, people can buy 2000mAh power bank and 5000mAh power bank. As iBall offers power banks in all capacities, you get what you need. A few of its models come with a screen to show the status of charging, discharging, time, and date etc. This allows you to know more about your power bank. In case of lower battery, you can notice easily by looking at the screen that is more accurate than LED lights. While talking in terms of money, you can get the cheapest power bank from iBall.


Printland offers customized iBall power banks with photo and name printed on it

Being a printing store, Printland provides personalized iBall power banks to its customers and clients across India covering more than 30000 pin codes. If you want a personalized power bank for yourself, you can get it just in a few clicks. It can be used as a gift item too. The recipient will really appreciate your efforts for gifting a power bank with his or her photo. You can imprint a meaningful quote on it too. For the gifting purpose on occasions like birthday, anniversary, father’s day, mother’s day, friendship day, or any special day, you can imprint a customized message like wish or blessing on the power bank too just to make it more meaningful. If you run a company and are looking forward to promotional iBall power banks, we are capable of providing you with promotional iBall power banks in bulk. On time delivery is our specialty.


A personalized power bank is all you need 

A power bank fulfills the need of continuous power supply but a personalized power supply allows you to flaunt your style with of course uninterrupted power supply. Thus, it works as a multipurpose tool. A power bank with your name and photo printed on it will not only show your style and uniqueness but will help you distinguishing your power bank easily if put it among many similar power banks accidentally. If you use a customized power banks, no friend of yours can make fool out of you by exchanging a foul power bank with your bank.


A secure and fast delivery of personalized power bank to your place

Being a superstore, it is our responsibility to provide you with a better experience of online shopping each day. For it, we improve ourselves and we have secured a place for ourselves from where we can deliver your trendy power bank to your place. It is guaranteed that you always get authenticated power banks from us. 



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