Friendship Bands

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Friendship is a flower that blossoms in the garden of our lives. Our friends make us complete, they add colour to our lives, and fill our days with joy. Relationships that are based on an exchange of sincerity and respect are wonderful. The imprints of such a friendship could last more than a lifetime.

Often times, one wonders what would be the ideal gift to embody this relationship. What better to gift your best buddy on friendship day than a mark of the everlasting bond between the two of you – a friendship band.

Buy Wristbands Online

Friendship bands are ideal for an occasion like friendship day or any other day you choose to tell your friends they are special. Browsing online for the right gift, if you are caught between the price and the design that works for your friend, then you ought to take a look at our wide range of friendship bands at Printland. The leading provider of online printing solutions in India provides a host of designs that work for all those who are looking to buy friendship bands for boys and girls.

Wrist Bands with Name

The name that you frequent on your phone list, or your social media app, is most probably the name you would like to sport most on the friendship band across your wrist. Go ahead and make this buddy feel extra-special by personalizing your friendship band on Printland. Get your best friend and your name printed together on a friendship band of your choice.

Prefix it with ‘BFF’ – Best Friends Forever. Or Bum Chums. Or anything that only you two know of as your secret friends’ code!

Personalized Wristbands 

Choose from a wide range of bracelets and wrist bands, picking up one that suits your style. Express yourself with a gesture of respect for the ones who stood by you through thick and thin. Or the ones who drove you nuts with their sop stories. Or the ones who pulled you up when you were in the wrong and acted as your conscience-keepers. Their roles are many, but they are essentially the angels in our lives who bring joy into our lives, and give us reasons aplenty to smile. Select one from our collection that works for your friends, else make your own personalized friendship band with your text. Of course, we understand that your buddies could be different and deserve their own special message on the friendship band.


And for those of you who have a group of friends who are all equally dear to you, it would be ideal to go for a set of personalized friendship bands with a unique text or message printed to suit your kind of relationship – theatre buddies, filmy buddies, chai buddies or chaddy buddies. Share the love with your friends and explore from the range of colours and designs that could work for you.


These friendship bands are trendy and as cool to sport as the bracelets you would sport with your girl gangs. So go ahead order friendship day Gifts and personalized friendship band at Printland.

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