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Store Your Data in Style with Credit Card Pen Drives - Mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, tablets, smartphones – you name it, and we have access to it here for the consumer of the digital era. However, the ease-of-use and convenience of these devices creates some problems too. One of the biggest issues that comes up is the creation of huge amounts of data – in files, picture, music, videos, etc. Storage of such digital data requires storage devices like data cards, pen drives and hard disks. Carrying hard disks can be a nuisance at times, and memory cards have a limited storage capacity. Striking a balance between the two is the pen drive – which has more storage and is easier to carry.


Credit card pen drive is the solution to the storage-with-convenience requirement of users – at office or for personal work. These pen drives are shaped like a credit-card and can easily slide into the wallet or a ladies purse or handbag. It takes up no more space than a credit card. On top of that, it has the potential to be customized for use – for publicity or just for reminding someone about you.


Credit card shape pen drive online

Buying things online is now quite simple in India. Web portals like Printland have mastered digital printing on personalized products such as the credit card pen drive. The online shopping part ensures access to an enormous range of choices vis-à-vis the hunt for one in the neighbourhood marketplace. It also makes it easy to pay for the selected product and to get it delivered without much effort.


Printed credit card shape pen drive

Next in line after the choice of colour, is the selection of a preferred design. Of the designs and patterns available, one can narrow down on something according to the needs and tastes of the individual. A younger person may have some funkier designs in mind, while an adult may choose a sober, elegant design. Ladies may choose an ethnic or traditional pattern, and adolescent users may go in for some bright and bold prints while narrowing on their printed credit card shape pen drive.


Personalized credit card pen drive

Finally, if nothing seems to make the cut for you, design your own credit card pen drive. Add a picture frame for fixing a picture onto the data storage device. Add the picture of your loved one and surprise them with it. If you have been looking for a small, yet meaningful gift for your loved ones that is both useful and easy to carry by them, this personalised credit card pen drive available comes to you at a reasonable price. While you gift them with something they can utilize on a regular basis, you can also make sure you stay in their sight and hence in their minds.


Select between custom credit card pen drives with 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB memory as per the needs of the end-user – be it your child, spouse, boss or buddy. Make an impression on the one you want to give it to, and also stand out in the crowd of gifts coming their way on a special occasion.


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