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Say it in Style, Loud and Clear With Personalized Badges - The way you dress up, the way you carry yourself, what you say and how you say it – all of these things are part of your personality and how others perceive you. Let your identity be expressed through badges that clasp on to your T-short pocket or shirt sleeve or bag cover or laptop carrier. Express your style with grace and let the world know the principles you uphold through your life. Purchase a badge online from Printland and make a statement – subtle or bold – as you like it.


What is a badge, really? It is a tag, or an emblem or a small piece of plastic or metal worn to adorn the wearer’s accessories like bag, clothing etc. for identification as a member of group, supporter of a unique cause or simply a statement of style.


Badges Printing Online

Printland has scores of designs in badges to choose from. Available on its website as well as on Google Play app, these metal badges are ready for use for occasions like Father’ Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, Raksha Bandhan and even Independence Day! With the ease of printing badges online, you need not look for options in the offline market place.


You need not worry about hiring a designer as you may do the job of creating your preferred deisgn for a pin badge easily through Printland.


Buying badges online is as simple as a few clicks. Just log on to Printland, browse the web portal for some printed badges, select and personalize with your name if you wish to, place an order for the number of badges you want, and pay up online. There you go! Wait for the badges to be delivered at your doorstep.


Personalized Badges

Printland allows you to personalize these badges as well. Get a text of your choice or a date printed on the design and make a custom badge that is uniquely yours’.


Use a badge maker online, and experiment with your options. While one can opt for one of the pre-existing designs, innovating with your own crazy ideas is not bad either!


Just imagine a bachelor’s party or a hen party with a set of classic one-liners printed on badges for all the participating youngsters! Become a star among your friends. Catch attention with the right moves. Get school badges online from Printland.


Name badges can be printed for occasions like group meets, off-site outings, team activities, induction or orientation programmes.


Photo Printed Badges

With access to digital printing technology through Printland, you can explore printing of some pictures selected for badges for group members like buddies or gal pals. Since photo-printed badges are quite a hit these days, explore printing some such badges with toon characters, or any funny faces and selfies. Print the badge by uploading the picture and adding some small text or phrase to it.


Available in many colours and designs, badges on Printland start at Rs. 89 only! Once you have these funky badges, be sure to stand out among the crowd at the college or with your school or office buddies.


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