What is that we do when we find something boring? Pep it up? What is it that we do when you get a boring and plain T-shirt on your birthday as birthday gift? Go and add up a sticker, right? What do you do when you buy a bike and you want to show off your new found fascination of the Gothic, you paste a Gothic sticker.
What do you do when you want to catch somebody’s attention, without being too loud? Use a low adhesive sticker? We use sticker in ways we can’t even imagine using.

The main thing is that we don’t ever notice the usage of a small thing. But it does make a great difference to whatever paperwork we do. We use it in our copies to mark; we use it on our desks to remind us of work to be done. We use it daily, we use it consistently. Ever though that what would be the main reason or main situation that provoked the usage of stickers? We have all - used and misused the humble sticker in some or the other way. We at understand their importance and we bring before you, plethora of options of beautiful decorative stickers for you to choose from.

Custom Sticker Printing India

Well, it all started with sticker art, which was also known as sticker slapping or sticker bombing, it was a form of street art, just a graffiti. A sticker used to be a way by which people would spread message publicly by sticking them in important places. The stickers mainly carried political agenda or the information of a new rebel group back then. The stickers were placed anywhere accessible, with a much lower risk of getting caught by the police enforcing the anti-vandalism laws. Sticker artists have various designs all waiting to come out, and we are providing them the perfect platform to get their ideas on paper. Today also sticker designers design and print thousands of stickers at low cost, and at, we do all to get you, your desired way to capture attention of millions. Where we consider you as a designer to create your own sticker, as you are the only one who knows what you exactly want on the sticker.

Print Car Stickers Online

Today we use stickers in a much toned down version. In a fashion dominated world of ours, stickers have also found their niche, as it is something that is temporary and not permanent change in something attached. Stickers today, are used on cars to give them a sporty look, they are used on bikes to make them personalized. They used in offices to identify items belonging to the office. But the main stickers which are in vogue are, bike stickers, car stickers and wall stickers. People are very creative and are very passionate about their belongings. To make them personalized he can go up to any extent, people have their names stickers on bikes and cars and also have it on their bedrooms, the one with illuminating properties, which replaces the night bulb. Not only that the most important of today’s secure trading tool, the company hologram. Companies use company logo hologram stickers as a mark of authentication on their products. There are few products which are available in the market, who don't use the hologram stickers, or are without the use of hologram stickers, such products are not preferred by the customers as there is no guarantee on the quality, which is promised by the company, plus there is no proof that the product is not a duplicate of the original one. Such is the popularity of stickers. Car sticker designs have a new craze in the market, right from demons getting out of the car to race sport stripe designed stickers, cars today can be seen going wild and all enamored. People use wall stickers to cover up seepage spots n their walls, which is quite general in the monsoon season. Many wall sticker options along with styles and designs are available online. You can easily select wall stickers online designs and get them printed with us.

Printable Wall Stickers in India

We will take care that you have your sticker the way you requested, the color resolution intact, and with no pixelations. Among the various types of designs of stickers available, the most commonly used are the most asked for, for personalization. There are glass stickers available on our site, glass stickers are used mainly to mark a direction on the glass door, to cover the visibility a bit. Today's interior designers also use decorative wall stickers to decorate and design patterns over the wall. Not only the option of using wall stickers a bit easy on the budget but the clear graphics and deep color resolution we get through stickers, makes it an ideal option for interior designers too. Similarly, if you need to decorate your child's room, kids wall stickers can come handy. Kids are the choosiest and pickiest among the lot, and when it comes in decorating their wall rooms, you have to be clear to use their favorite colors and favorite cartoon sticker, and that is only possible if you use kids wall stickers, specially available on

Personalized Decorative Vinyl Stickers

Now, when on you know that whatever the options available on net are not the only thing which is available with us. If you don't find anything of choice, you can always go to our personalization tool and have it personalized, you can design flower wall stickers and home wall stickers as per your choice and color combination as well. And if you don't find any designs to your liking, that you can get inspired from and have it on your sticker, you can always design Vinyl Stickers yourself on a piece of paper. All you have to do is then, upload the image, and we being one of the best online photo printing company will make sure to print the sticker exactly the way you have requested. The color patterns, the resolutions, everything will be taken care of, so that you get exactly what you want, right at your door steps.
Product Details:
School Labels
Paper : Pregum Paper
Size : 3.5 inch by 2 inch

Luggage Labels
Paper : Pregum Paper
Size : 3.5 inch by 2 inch

Return Address Labels
Paper : Pregum Paper
Size : 3.5 inch by 1 inch


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