Wedding is an important part of life when two hearts meet in the bond of love and dedication with each other. It is said that Weddings are made in heaven. God chooses life-partners for everyone before birth of a person. Wedding ceremony in India is the largest event that happens in someone’s life. Everyone wants to make his or her Wedding ceremony special.
To make a ceremony, a lifetime event, requires a lot of planning from many days before. Many types of arrangements are to be done, like arrangement for food, venue, decorations, and many types of shopping for the bride and groom. Most important of them is inviting all the near and dear ones to be a part of their happiness. Inviting all friends and relatives in the marriage ceremony is very important.

Wedding Invitation Cards Designing Online

Giving invitation to so many guests requires a lot of planning from many days beforehand. A list of guests has to be prepared, invitation cards are to be selected from the market, they have to be printed and then distributed. All this require a lot of time and money also. This work is very tedious and time consuming. You work very hard so that no guest will be left, but sometimes a few relatives are left from inviting. This looks very bad. Moreover, selecting a suitable Wedding card in India is very difficult. Indian design of wedding invitation card comes in many traditional designs and styles. The market is full of many designs of impressive wedding invitation cards which look so beautiful that it becomes very confusing to choose a suitable card. Wedding card should be very attractive in designs and most of the people in India love the traditional designs to be printed on their wedding ceremony invitation card . Also it must accommodate all the details of the marriage ceremony like name of bride and groom, time and venue of the ceremony and some other details that the couple want to include in the card.

Online Marriage Invitation Cards Printing

With the advent of internet in India, online shopping becomes very popular. Every kind of thing whether electronics watches etc is available online. With the growing popularity, many online stores are opened up. Today, even the gifts are available at very nominal prices on these websites. To help you in finding a suitable traditional Indian wedding invitation card , we are there. We are one of the largest online gifting stores in India. We not only bring you a latest collection of Wedding invitation designs, but we also offers you a great after sales service and at very nominal prices. We offer the cheapest Wedding invitations in India. These are not only cheap, but they are latest in designs also.

Browse All Indian Wedding Invitation Templates

We are the best place to buy Wedding Invitation Cards online in India. From our large collection of Wedding Invitation Card you can find traditional as well as contemporary marriage invitation card designs. All these cards are designed by our creative designers that make them so beautiful and attractive to choose from. Browse through our Wedding invitation card sample designs and your marriage will become an event that you and your loved ones will remember for the lifetime. We present a large collection of printable invitation card design template at our online gifting store. We present designer Wedding invitation cards catering to the needs of all Indian religions and cultures and also in many Indian languages like Hindi, English or Marathi and many more. We presents beautiful wedding invitation cards for Hindus, Wedding invitation cards for Sikhs and marriage Invitation cards for Christians and many more. We also provide wedding invitation card samples to choose from. These samples will help you to design your own customized marriage invitation card. Shop for a beautiful marriage invitation card with us and we will provide best of service.

Wedding Invites Samples For Friends

Our Wedding invitation online cards templates are available free to choose from. You can choose a wedding Invitation card according to your choice from our large collection of designer wedding invitation cards. We are the one stop site for those who are looking for a designer wedding Invitation card in the latest design. In our so many designers you will surely be able to find such a unique marriage invitation card which will make your marriage day special. You can choose the most suitable marriage invitation template from our large collection.

Format Of Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

We are the only gifting portal that offers designs of wedding cards according to all the religions of India. Come to us for purchase of Hindu marriage cards. We provide hundreds of designs of Hindu wedding cards with most religious and traditional designs painted on the beautiful glossy paper. The traditional designs include photos of Lord Ganesha who is the most worshipped God of Hindus in India. Lord Ganesha is invited first of all as guests in Hindu marriage ceremony as it is considered that with his blessings the married life of couple will be a very happy one without any complexities. Marriage invitation cards design Hindu are designed with such perfection that every guest will admire your choice and will come to attend the marriage ceremony to give the married couple his or her blessings.  We also offer beautiful and creative designs of “baraat” and “baraati” and also “doli” designs which are our speciality. These designs are not only traditional but modern also.  These designs are enough to give a card a contemporary yet modern look.

Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards Designs

We also offer wedding invitation cards for Muslim community in many traditional designs. We also offer you the best Muslim invitation cards. We are also known for our Christian Wedding invitation cards designs in the best available designs in the online market. The Christians can select the most soothing designs from our online store. Any card you choose from our best Wedding invitations, you will get a free sample of wedding invitation cards that you will choose. We also provide you with the excellent invitation cards matter for marriage to be printed on the marriage card. We also offer you a choice to download sample of Wedding invitation cards that you want to order. With our free Wedding invitations your marriage procession will become an event that will be remembered by all your near and dear ones for life-time. Indian Wedding Invitation Cards  Wordings & Messages We are the best store to offer marriage invitation cards in most of the regional languages of India. Come to our store for wedding invitation cards in Marathi or marriage invitation cards in Hindi or marriage invitation card in Bengali. Marathi wedding cards will be most suitable for people of Maharashtra. So visit us once for the Wedding invitation cards Mumbai. You will get the best invitation cards matter for marriage printed on your wedding card in Marathi. Your guests will feel very good on getting the invitation in their regional language Marathi. We also offer wedding invitation cards written in Kannada. These wedding invitation cards Bangalore will be appreciated very much by your near and dear ones. With our beautiful Wedding invitation card messages, your marriage will become a sweet occasion.

Handmade Invitation Cards For Weddings

As we are aware that handmade cards cannot be replaced by anything else. So we offer beautiful handmade invitation cards designs templates in our collection. We know that handmade cards are always admired by all the people as a special feeling is attached with them. So these beautiful handmade invitation cards designs printed on handmade paper will be in style for a long time. They not only look elegant but decent also. All your guests will be pleased about your creativity and will treasure your card for a long time. Your creative wedding invitation card will be admired by everyone. This sweet handmade paper marriage ceremony card with best wedding messages will always be treasured by everyone.

Engagement & Reception Invitations Cards

We also offer funny Wedding invitation cards online. We present the funniest designs like some cartoons to be printed on wedding cards. With these funny Wedding invitation cards,you can bring a smile of the face of your loved ones as they will read the card. They will not forget to come to your party of marriage ceremony. We not only provide the most elegant wedding invitation cards, we also offer best designs in marriage reception invitation and engagement invitation cards. Engagement and reception are also important part of a marriage ceremony. A beautiful engagement or reception card adds a charm to the normal marriage ceremony. Your guests will be happy to be a part of your engagement or reception ceremony.

Corporate Wedding Invitation Cards

We also welcome order for corporate wedding invitation cards. We offer the corporate invitation card designs in many formal yet sweet designs. These corporate wedding cards are the best for inviting guests from your office. All your office staff will be happy in coming to your marriage ceremony and to be a part of your happiness. We also offer you to print the card in most formal manner for inviting the corporate from your office. These formal Wedding invitations are excellent choice for the office goers.

Designer Wedding Invitation Cards

Choosing a beautiful designer wedding invitation card from our collection is very easy. You have to just select a template from so many available wedding invitation designs online and then proceed further to create Wedding invitation online. You have to just write the marriage invitation cards wordings on the card which will include the venue and time of marriage ceremony and also the programmes that are going to be held on that day. Your sample invitation cards that you have selected will be delivered you free of cost. You can check the Wedding invitation format and then based on that you can place your bulk order of wedding invitation cards. You have to just enter the names and address of all your guests and make payment via any of the payment options you like to choose. We also offer you the choice in the printing material of your card from handmade paper or simple glossy paper. Handmade paper sheet always look beautiful on the wedding invitation cards as they give an elegant look. Then it will be our responsibility to deliver all the wedding cards on the stipulated time to all your guests. We are known for our best courier services in India. We deliver our product on time and take a very nominal charge from you. You can trust us as we help you to take an important step in your life.

Visit our online gifting store and browse through our collection of Wedding Invitation Card and we are sure you will be able to find the most suitable Wedding Invitation Card for your loved ones. Shop for a customised Wedding Invitation Card with us and with our services you will surely feel that we are the best place to buy Wedding Invitation Card online in India. We are there for your service on all the days of the week. We work online, so it is an added advantage. You can place your order at any time of the day and on any time of the week sitting in the comfort of your home or office cubicle. Your sweet Wedding Invitation Card that you will choose from our online gifting store will be delivered to your loved one’s doorsteps within 3-8 business days of placing the order and at very nominal price. We accept all credit and debit cards of all banks and also net banking facility for making payment of your wedding invitation cards. Moreover you can also choose the date of the delivery of your Wedding Invitation Card to your loved ones. If you do not like what you get, with our exchange policy, you can return your special Wedding Invitation Card with us and we will provide you with the full refund. So don’t wait a moment, send your sweet invitations to your loved ones on your marriage with our Customized Wedding Invitation Cards and make them feel special on your special occasion. They will be very happy to be a part of your marriage ceremony and also in your happiness.

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Showing 1-8 of 35 products