We all love our homes, and we probably never realized how hard it was for our fathers and their fathers to own and build homes in those times. Owning a home is no small talk, nor was it when our forefathers built their homes. The primal feeling of accomplishment, in a man’s life is getting a roof over his head. And that probably tops any man's wish list.

When there are many people whose wishes need to be addressed to, it’s impossible in today’s world to save money for a holiday, let alone a home. We at PrintLand.in understand how hard one has to work to get a plush roof over one’s head. The time one have spends scouting for the perfect location, or the time they have spent just deciding what color would the walls be and what would be the arc on the porch like. What quality wood, the windows and the furniture will be made of? When you are invited to a grah pravesh, you well know that, it is time to celebrate and salute those who have taken such pains to build a roof over their head, and have been successful in the attempt. We want to take this opportunity here at PrintLand.in, to congratulate the ones who have their new home in possession.

Griha Pravesh Greeting Cards India

In India, it is a tradition that whenever someone takes possession of a house, whether be it old or new, they perform the necessary rituals first. It is done to thank and appease gods above for their blessings, and in thanks to them that your friend or relative could manage having a roof built, over their heads. The rituals of grah pravesh are performed to basically cleanse the property of any spiritual residue and unwanted spirits. On the occasion of possessing their new home, of course they might have planned a big party; perhaps they are planning to invite loads of friends and family to their new home on griha pravesh ceremony. Now that calls for a lot of work and preparation. It involves them all the more, may be even more occupying than building the house. It starts with making list of people to be invited, sending out invitations, waiting for RSVPs and then deciding on everything that follows. Neither the list of “to-do” falls short, nor does the list of “done things” end. Now that you have been invited, you are probably confused as in what to give to a friend or a relative which he will take notice and relish alongside his new house, and keep whatever that is you give him, with him always. On this occasion, we at PrintLand.in are glad to offer you help. Help in the form of taking care of one of the main thing for you, and that is the grah pravesh greeting cards.

Printable Griha Pravesh Greeting Cards in India

Cards are something that doesn’t go unnoticed. If you gift anything else they might keep it aside for later, or maybe not use them at all, but when you give them a greeting card, they take notice, read it and probably end up in appreciating the effort you put behind it. The grah pravesh greeting cards which are available in the market can never catch your emotions, your happiness and the warm congratulations and happiness, you might want to extend to your loved family and friends, by whom you got the grah pravesh invite. At PrintLand.in, not only you find various types of grah pravesh greeting cards with matter and with beautiful cover design already on offer, but you also get the option of making your own grah printable greeting cards also. On our site not only you can avail the option of designing just the kind of grah pravesh card you would want to give, but also writing your own congratulations matter, which is perhaps the most important thing in a card. In the grah pravesh invitation card, you can also add certain important dates that must be special to them. For example, the day they got the land registered, the day they took possession of such. Good quality printable griha pravesh invitation card material is available with us; all you have to do is paint them red with your imagination and emotion.

Print Griha Pravesh Cards Online in India

The customized griha pravesh invitation card can also have photographs or pictures on them. You would want to show that you appreciate their new possession, won’t you want to? We understand your emotions, and honoring that we are providing the option of customizing the customized grah pravesh card to another level. Take the picture of their new house, or their newly possessed house, you can also consider having their family in the photograph in a welcoming stance too, and after clicking the photograph, upload it on our customizing tool. You can also add some words or shlokas in the grah pravesh cards, and make the grah pravesh cards personalized. What else you can do is, along with the grah pravesh greeting card you can also browse through our collection of personalized gifts, like the personalized photo rocks or personalized ceramic plates to go with the grah pravesh greeting card or you can even consider grah pravesh mugs too. We can understand that you will do all in good will, and that is precisely why we are offering you the facility of doing everything from the comfort of your home, which also spares you from all the unnecessary scouting. We not only offer grah pravesh greeting card but also accompaniments to go with it. Browse through the accompaniments of flowers and chocolates to make your grah pravesh greeting card more special. The day sure means a lot to them make them feel that you feel the same and wish for the best to come into their lives, through PrintLand.ins personalized gifts and personalized greeting cards. You can also suggest them to get their personalized invitation cards from us. In that way, you will save their time and money, and your help will also be appreciated.

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