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What comes around goes around. The story is our lives, of our day to day lives, which remains the same, yet changes, all in one. The thing which doesn't change is the calendar sitting on the table top. It just seems to change page after page and our lives somehow spin around it.

Every day you get up, change the date of your desk calendar and wonder, am I just adding a number to the calendar or am kick-starting a day, to never know, whether or not I will be changing the calendar date tomorrow or not. That’s life!

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Basically, a calendar is something we use to keep track of dates. Of the months and years silently passing by, sometimes making us smile, and sometimes making us cry. Keeping pace with time has never been easy for anyone, but that does not mean we cannot keep track of it. While clocks help us keep track of seconds, calendars help us to keep track of days passing by and consequently years passing by as well. calendars are something we just can’t do without. All kinds of planning and plotting go by the calendar. We plan doing work by setting dates on our desk calendars, we procrastinate by seeing the days left and the days worked. We get happy seeing a holiday marked on the desk calendar. It’s simple amazing how our lives move around mere numbers. A calendar to say is the collection of thirty one numbers in total that change everyday only to be back to square one again. What it teaches us in the meantime is that what goes around, comes around, and that whatever may happen something never change. Even though that all these talks about your desk calendars?

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Well, we guess no. You might have never thought of the relevance of the calendars hanging around your home, the wall calendar, the desk calendar, every calendar speaks so much, teaches us so much so that we don't take notice of them. We at know exactly what it is to be in the situation where tide and time wait for none.

Very importantly thus, you also need to know that calendars are not only the markers of time but they have a huge and great history behind them. The calendars are not newly found, calendars did not exist in ancient times. Early man used to mark lines on caves or made marks on nearby land where they used to live, to keep track of days going by. We have come a long way in discovering how calendars would work. Right from the discovery of the earth being round and the fact that a day has 24 hours plus the discovery that earth revolves around sun and it takes exactly 24 hours for earth to spin on its own axis. These findings made huge contribution towards keeping pace with time and making of calendars. calendars are marked differently in different civilizations, and the 365 day calendar that we use is the Georgian calendar. so, the humble calendar has a huge story behind it.

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n our calendar section, you will not only find calendars with different messages but also differently themed calendars as well. We have on offer, missing you calendars, for those who want to gift their dear ones some memories to cherish, especially because they are far away. We have on offer, good luck desk calendar, you can gift the personalized gift to your friend or your brother who is preparing to appear for an important exam or you can give it to a friend or family member who is going abroad on service prospect. We also have get well soon desk calendars, for those who want to gift someone who is ill, or has met with an accident. We also have more innovative ideas for calendars, one such idea is of spouse birthday desk calendar to gift you spouse on anniversary or on birthday as personalised birthday gift. We also have kids birthday desk calendar, to gift your child on his or her birthday, so that they can keep the desk calendar on their study desk and always draw motivation from it. You can also gift your boss, a boss birthday desk calendar themed calendar, to him remind of you whenever he sits on his desk, and you don't have to stalk on him every second day, for an appraisal !. We also have daughters day special, daughter birthday calendar to gift your beautiful daughter something she is worth of. Likewise, we also have sister anniversary desk calendar, brother anniversary desk calendar, friend anniversary desk calendar, and more in the anniversary desk calendar section. Similar collection can also be seen in the birthday desk calendar section also. Not only the above options, but we also have numerous other options, for you to choose from our large collection.

On our site not only you will find designer calendar, both wall calendar and desk calendar, but also the option of personalizing it. You have the option of making a wall calendar into picture calendar , in real easy steps. You can find the option of personalizing a card right there on the screen. If you cannot design it because you don't have any design on mind the simply look up the net and search for the design you would want on your calendar. If you are finding the www is of no help, and not bringing your choice up, well then, you can shun its services for a self designed calendar. All you have to do is, design it and upload it on the page mentioned, you will have the design on your wall calendar or desk calendar, just the way you wanted it.

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At, we are providing you ways of not owning the time or the daylight, but we are offering you to personalize your calendar. Today when everything is done to taste, and everything in one’s home is decorated with much precision, why leave the humble calendar behind. On our site you can find wall calendar, desk calendar, not only these but a plethora of designer wall calendars and designer desk calendars as well. We at believe that you can own everything but, not really until you have a mark of yourself on it. Go on, get yourself a printable calendar to personalize it with your name, or your photograph.

A personalized wall calendar or a desk calendar makes for a perfect gift as well, not only it serves as a good and sensible gift but also makes you remember, when the one you gifted the designer calendar looks and sees you in it or even himself. Photo on calendar, with each month having a different photo of the member's birthday or anniversary marked and photos of them from yesteryears can be put up to make a beautiful personalized calendar. A calendar is of a one year is full of memories; many intend to keep the personalised calendars, as a nostalgia medicine. Order your calendar from and have it delivered right to your door step for you to gift or to own. There are many things that you can gift along with desk calendar or wall calendar. You can go through, plethora of personalized gift items on our website, where not only you will have the option of choosing various things for gifting, but also will save as the items are all reasonably priced. You can choose the perfect accompaniment to go with the calendar if you are thinking of gifting it to a loved one not living in your city. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata are all covered in our extensive reach we try to provide to our clients. The choice of accompaniments is flower bouquets and chocolates that will go well with the customised calendar that you will order.

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