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GET SMART WITH Promotional HOODIES - Doing business is all about making smart moves. If you have to up the ante in this corporate selling game, you would need some good promotional ideas, apart from aspiring for great heights in quality and service. Get promotional products into the picture, and make a small investment to reap great results.


Are you at any business event or a press meet, or a corporate promotional event or a roadshow, or just strolling at an exhibition? At any such place, you can easily hope to capture the eyeballs for your product or service with corporate gifts like a hoodie.


Corporate hoodies can be takeaways from such events. Else, these can be used as regular promotional tools (of course, adhering to the weather conditions). Let your sales staff or hired promotional persons wear these at an exhibit and roam through the crowds. You would be able to attract attention to your brand, as well as keep your source of advertising mobile and free.


Corporate Hoodies

Corporate hoodies are not just useful for promotion of the company, but also serve well as comfortable winter clothing. Printland offers unisex hoodies of 280 GSM without zip, made in cotton fabric. These cool hoodies come in two colours - black and grey. A maximum printing area of A4 size (8.26 by 11.69 inches) is offered on this corporate gift – more than enough for getting your smart ideas on the hoodie online ?


Just imagine the comfort you would get from donning this hoodie – a sweatshirt with a cap or hood at the back! Sneak your hands into the pockets on the sides of this hoodie and head out to the gym, a jog or a stroll. Beat the winter chill with this cool wardrobe accessory that can accentuates the style quotient of the wearer. Get hold of such a spunky accessory for your office staff and get them on board as a motivated team. Distribute these to college students and get others interested in your products. Isn’t it a rather inexpensive way to sneak into their lives?


Promotional Hoodies Printing

Promotional hoodies – best-suited for tom-toming your product – come with four size options: Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large (S, M, L, XL). Cotton fabric lends comfort to this product and ensures a cozy feel for the wearer.


Logo-Printed Hoodies

Printland offers free customization of these corporate hoodies. Get the logo of your company printed on this funky top and make it abundantly available. And you need not worry about the costs, as well. You can avail fabulous discounts by placing bulk orders for these hoodies.


An occasion like an alumni meet or a commemoration event can be marked with the distribution or sale of these digitally logo-printed hoodies. ‘Be there or be square!’ or ‘IITian inside’ – whatever be the message that makes the cut for your institution, organisation, or corporate community – you can get it imprinted on the corporate hoodies with Printland.


Club comfort with style, and get a solution to the promotional needs of your business – all in one go – with these cool logo-printed hoodies.


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