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Wearing a mask is not as artless as it seems. There are various types of it, which indicates the discount method for each. However, major types of masks in prevention to coronavirus are as follows...

Mask against coronavirus

  • N95 / KN95 Mask - N95 respirator mask, which is recommended by WHO.
  • Clothes Masks - Doctor's recommended cloth mask, which consists of either three layers or made up with a very fine cloth.
  • Disposable Mask - Three-layer disposable face mask. Make sure, layers are there when buying these.
  • Reusable face mask-. Our reusable face masks are made with breathable cotton, Polycotton, drifit materials, washable to help fight the spread of illness.
  • Surgical Masks - It's for medical personas to use at the time if any surgical treatment. It's either of cloth or three-layer microscopic cotton cloth, which is disposable. 
  • Anti pollutant mask - These are for to hinder pollution, classified based in particulate matters' size (PPM), like PM 2.5, 5, 10, UV-ray protector. Be careful, these are completely different from anti-bacterial masks.

These are for to hinder pollution, classified based in particulate matters' size (PPM), like PM 2.5, 5, 10, UV-ray protector. Be careful, these are completely different from anti-bacterial masks.


Note: Please remember, these masks are just for basic support of immunity and to provide a thin lid of Germinal infection. These not accompanied by Personal Prevention kit or PPE. So, those persons working in the health sector must be draped in PPE rather than using a normal N95 face mask.


Customized Face Mask - A newer invention

Now, if you get whinnied and utterly shocked to ponder about the foolhardiness of any company, then maybe you are making a mistake. It's not about advertising and merchandising at least for now. Rather it's on behalf of dissipating awareness!... How?... You know what, till a significant percentage of the population don't even pay the finest attention to the government rules and country's lockdown. They won't follow any rule until they found a minion of a custom or directly charged by the police! So, now think again, would be a bad idea of wearing a custom mask with a social quote like,  defeat mask parona!  Or breathe healthily and kill the demon corona...! It sounds a little insane at this time but believes me, it's one of the best ways to spread a social message in a country like us.


How to create a custom mask?

There are ample options for getting a personalized mask. Which known as designer mask in other ways. As it can be printed in myriad ways, these all can be used in different platforms while spreading social awareness. So, to make your own custom printed face mask, you have to follow the steps.

  1. Choose Mask Type.
  2. Select any mask.
  3. Design your mask – upload logo or own design.
  4. Add to cart & place order online

To be a part of society and spreading community awareness you can use a Customized N95 mask,  or Personalised KN95 mask with a small social message printed.


Corporate world and promotional event

As the offices are opening after a long period a set of Logo printed face masks, or  Corporate face masks can be given to the employees as to wear it authorized. Similarly, a set of Promotional face masks can be distributed in the next promotional events. Because the law of wearing masks will run a long way.
Apart from viral and contagious diseases, custom masks are also made for other purposes, like anti-pollution, etc. Like, Custom respirator masks, Customized reusable face mask for laypersons. A set of customized disposable masks, especially logo or name printed masks can be used by hospitals or nursing homes.

Purchasing mask wholesale from online

In this mayhem of environmental tragedy, while everyone is trying to save the lives of themselves and others, masks take leading responsibility to carry the social and health wellness further. In this situation, has granted a voluminous role of making want to or wholesale custom masks online. So, if you are looking for buying a mask online, you can try it. It provides services across pan India, covering villages and bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

Guidelines for using a mask

There are few guidelines for using a mask. It's not as usual. These are.

How to put on a mask:

  • At first wash your hand and at least the portion of the mouth. Then clean your hand and face with a clean towel or handkerchief.
  • Rub hands with sanitizer properly. Then put on the mask. Adjust it a little from the middle of the nose to the lower chin. Cover the area properly. 
  • Wash hands with sanitizer again after wearing the mask.
  • Be careful, once you put on the mask, don't remove until very urgent.

How to remove a mask: 

  • At the day end when you come back home, don't be in a hurry to remove the mask.
  • First, wash your hands up to elbows with regular soap.
  • Soak in a towel. Then touch the mask. If it is reusable, then wash it immediately and if it is disposable then first wrap it in a paper, then throw in the dustbin.
  • Wash the hands again.

How to wash a mask: 

  • Although, you can wash it with regular water according to doctor's suggestion, wash the mask at least at 60 degree Celsius Temperature along with regular detergent.
  • Then dry it up within the room itself or in the bathroom instead of drying up outside.

So, until the effect of Corona retreats in, keep yourself safe, and maintain hygiene along with social distancing. Remember, self-hygiene is self-responsibility.


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