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Office Accessories

Pens  2.2 in Bulk Pen
Combos  135 in Bulk Combos
Desk Stand  31 in bulk Desk Stand
pencils  33 in bulk Pencil
Desktop items  105 in Bulk Desktop Items
Diaries  75 in Bulk Diaries
key chain  7 in bulk Key Chain
Card Holders  39 in Bulk Card Holders
visiting-cards  0.85 in bulk Visiting Cards
notepads  29 in bulk Notepad
paper weights  14 in Bulk Paper Weight
Sticker  0.6 in bulk Sticker

Tech Accessories

Pen Drive  275 in Bulk Pen Drive
power bank  315 in Bulk Power Bank
laptop skins  199 in bulk Laptop Skin
Head phones  Out of stock Head Phones
mobile accessories 17 in Bulk Mobile Accessories
Pen with pen drive  354 in bulk Pen with pen drive
Decorated Lights  39 in bulk Decorated Lights
Decorated Lights  109 in bulk Mouse Pad


T shirts  95 in Bulk T-shirts
Caps  89 in Bulk Caps
hoodies  569 in bulk Hoodies
Sweatshirt  449 in bulk Sweatshirt

Office & Decor

Calendar  45 in Bulk Calendar
Clocks  85 in Bulk Clock
Name Plate  99 in Bulk Name Plate
Mugs  115 in bulk Mugs
Travel Mug  115 in Bulk Travel Mug
Lunch Boxes  119 in bulk Lunch Boxes
Flask  121 in Bulk Flask
Coaster  69 in bulk Coaster
Sipper  27 in bulk Sipper
Kettles  1675 in Bulk Kettles
Table Mat  65 in bulk Table Mat
Shot Glass  Out of stock Shot Glass

Bags & Wallet

Jute Bag  64 in Bulk Jute Bag
Tote Bag  27 in Bulk Tote Bag
Non Woven Bag  9 in bulk Non Woven Bags
Wallets  94 in Bulk Wallets
Sling Bag  189 in Bulk Sling Bag
Travel Bag  569 in Bulk Travel Bag
Clutch  252 in bulk Clutch
Check Book Cover  165 in Bulk Cheque Book Cover

Gift Items

Playing Card  269 in bulk Playing Card
God Idols  309 in bulk God Idols
Unique Finds  26 in bulk Unique Finds
Coins  Out of stock Coins


Trophies  269 in Bulk Trophies
Certificate  3 in bulk Certificate
Magnifier 21 in Bulk Magnifier
lanyards  39 in bulk Lanyards

Corporate Gifts

Entice your potential clients and motivate the employees of your organization by gifting them the best corporate gifts. The corporate gifting culture has been prevalent since time immemorial and most of the organization whether big or small ventures, have the culture of gifting various kinds of corporate endowments to their clients, business partner as well as the employees of the organization. The organization usually opt this strategy to increase their brand visibility in the market and boost their brand awareness. The Corporate companies usually gifts the gifts before any special events such as Dushhera, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Holi etc.

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There are varieties of gifts that you can explore and buy at Some of the best corporate gifts are pens, desktop items, t shirt, clock, mugs, wallets, mobile accessories, lunch boxes, bags, laptop sleeves, laptop skins, pen drives, power banks and many more list to go. also offers the premium quality products and items at the best affordable price. You can also buy various corporate gifts in bulk amount from with more discount rate and distribute them among your clients and employees.

Customize the corporate gifts as per your choice and requirement

As discussed above, there are number of gifts at, you can explore and buy as per choice. You can customize it by adding your own innovation and thoughts such as you can engrave the name or logo of your company to highlights its name in the market. You can also inscribe some of inspirational quotes to motive both your clients and employees and inspire the employees to work with more hard work and dedication towards the organization. Thus, by adapting this approach, the companies can please their clients, business partners and the employees as well.