SMS is good. Postcard is better. Create your own postcards and make your message special.

Cards with messages have been sporadically created and posted by men and women since the inception of postal services. The earliest known photo postcard was a hand-painted design on card, which was posted in London to the writer Theodore hook in 1840 bearing a penny black stamp. He was said to have probably created and posted the card to himself as a stupid practical joke on the postal service back then, and since the image is a caricature of workers in the post office. Well all aside, how would you react or what would be your reaction, if you suddenly receive a postcard from your friend staying afar? You would probably think you are in dreams.

Though people do send postcard online, you will find some old postcards of your grandmother when she sent her blessings on your 1st birthday or your mother-fathers first love letters may be! The personal touch has been lost in the world of SMSes. People have been too much in contact with each other, so much so that they don't want to be in contact anymore or are fed up of the contacts. The bliss and pinning and waiting for a postcard to arrive and then to know of your loved ones health and news, has vanished altogether. Maybe that's why being so close to each other; today we are the ones, craving for personal touch. Postcards where the means of knowing what is going on in the country, through picture post cards we used to send memories of a place to near and dear ones living away from us. Today postcards are used hardly. But their use has not diminished altogether.

Postcard Printing India

Postcards printing is still going on, photo postcards are still sent today, Indian postcards from India are still sent worldwide. Amazed? Well anybody would be. But the main thing is that they still doing rounds. We print business postcards carrying various seasonal greeting messages to employees or for promotional purposes. Custom postcards are printed for government organizations and non-profit organizations who wish to spread awareness among masses regarding an important issue. We at are passionate to revive what's lost and to spread smiles which someone gets on experiencing personal touch. Today you don't necessarily have to go to a post office to buy a post card we at will print you postcard, just the way you like it, online postcard printing is what we specialize at. We also would love to see your designs get appreciated that's why on our site you will get an option to make your own postcard, wherein companies can upload logos and write personalized messages and small time businessmen can showcase their talent in choosing the designs that go into their postcards . To create postcard you just have to go to the postcard section and select the option of upload your design or Create your design.

Personalized Business Postcards Online

A postcard is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for mailing without an envelope. So the quality of a postcard should be high so as to get it protected by any wear and tear it may endure while passing from hand to hand. While a postcard is usually printed by a private company, individual or organization, a postal card is issued by the relevant postal authority, saying that would mean that you should affix proper stamps while sending out your postcards. Postcard printing prices are very low at Whether it’s a black or white post card or moving announcement postcard or a photo postcard everything will be printed according to your specifications.

At, we use different variety of papers for printing of postcards like Magnostar 170 gsm, Magnostar 250gsm, Magnostar 300gsm, Magnostar 350gsm. The different textures used are White Texture, Texture Lining, Golden Texture, Metallic Plain, Metallic Texture, German Cantt, and Indian Ivory and Imported Ivory textures.

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