If you love staying fit, then you really need a fitness band for you. A fitness band is not just a rubber strap but proves to be the best companion at the time you squeeze some sweat out of you. It counts the calories burnt and the rate of heartbeats during your workout. This feature simply gives you ideas that how much hard work you have done to stay sound and fit. Here, two leading fitness bands are described.

Personalized Soulfit Fitness Band

The Soulfit is known as the provider of fitness band with top features. Soulfit fitness band does multiple tasks for the sake of user. The band has been designed to track the activities of users like calorie burns, heartbeat rate, walked steps, and hours of sleep. This way, it gives you an option to compare your activities with an ideal set of standard activities. It helps to maintain a better routine that works towards making the user fit. More to your convenience, you can detach the display of band from the strap and it can be used as an earpiece for the connected phone to talk. The phone remains connected to it via Bluetooth. Using this earpiece, you can jog while talking to anyone. You would not have to hold your phone. While connected to the phone, you can see phone notifications on it. If you buy this wonderful band from Printland.in, you will get your name printed on the strap of this personalized Soulfit fitness band.

Personalized Portronics Fitness Band

Another budget band is Portronics smart watch. This band gets connected to the phone using Bluetooth and offers to see phone notifications on its screen. Being a fitness band, it works to track the activities of users and give an instant insight so that user can make efforts in case of requirement. The Printland.in offers this smartwatch at an affordable cost. If you buy this budget watch, you can imprint your name on the strap of it. Apart from your personal use, you can give a personalized Portronics smart watch to your loved one whom you want to stay fit and healthy.

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