Diwali is just after few days. Within a wink I know these days will be passed very soon. Let’s take the example of today. Navaratri begins from today and it will be continued for next 9 days. And everyone knows that immediately after navaratri what takes entry is none other than the great Indian diwali., a festival for the whole country, for all citizens, villagers, beggars, shop keeps, sewage workers, homeless and so on. So, when the festival incorporates whole country, would it be fair to treat the days in prosaic way? No, right? Hence, how come you or I thinking spending a Diwali without gifts and sweet get together! So, come one guys have a quick read on a plethoric varieties on types of alluring personalised Diwali gifts.

Diwali gifts

A list of top custom Diwali gift items

Have you noticed a new word that is ‘custom’ in the title? Can you get any idea why I am using so? Confused? May be or so. Well, the word custom means anything that can be made a customer’s correspondence and indulgence. For example, he may want personal photo printed tee or a photo printed cushion etc. in each case there is a chance of doing the needful in this context. And reason I am highlighting it because, these days kids are little crazy about any kind of custom item, being it for any festive event or a casual day. The trend of making a distinct value or flaunting in front of all is ascending day by day. So, come let’s explore the store of customised Diwali gifts at budget friendly cost.

A custom printed t-shirt pair for those who needs…

printed t-shirt

Diwali is a festival of colour, joy and laughter. Hence, no one imagine to surpassing the day without good foods and new cloths. But this year plan to celebrate the day in a new way. Print a set of colourful tees and wrap few packets of food and then on the night of Diwali distribute these among homeless and helpless. Covid has already taken away smile of a lot yet you can make smile few of them. So, stand by human dear, make them smile too. After all who else will take care of ourselves if we don’t? Happy Diwali!

A gift card which mirrors emotion and passion

Festive time is the time embrace emotion, time to forget and forgive and be a part ecstacious celebration together, irrespective of age, time and religion. Because, a festival is for all. Thus do not forget to buy a dozen of beautiful gift cards and write few emotional lines that indeed matter for your closed one.

A printed cushion for your parents

printed t-shirt

As we grow up, our parents get older, this is a fundamental truth. So, if you are 25 right now, your parents will at least be at 62+. A lot of problems, health issues will arise along with senilation, it’s also true. Yet you can bring smile on their face. Hence, this Diwali buy a pair of soft cushion for them and get these printed. It will appease their back one side and will make them happier on another.

coffee mug
A custom mug for the coffee lover friend at cheapest price

Have a crazy friend who can even stab just with cup of coffee? Then to surprise her with a custom coffee mug, there won’t be any perfect time as of now. You know why? The reason remains same. Solely because of grand sale for great festive seasons. So, get a printed mug at just rupees 149/-, and print a photo of yours and enjoy the festive mood. Other list of personalised gifts…

These are…

• Custom puja thalis and silver coins
• A pair of shot glasses and few of shot glasses.
• A colourful photo collage etc

Top printed promotional Diwali gifts for corporate

Since it’s a celebration of countrywide every working sectors get at least of one week holidays. Thus, it’s normal for each professional sector to arrange a tiny festival before the bell of holiday rings. While these gifts amuse employees’ one side, also influence promotional part other side. Thus to amalgamate the duos if you are in search of quirky yet cute corporate gifts or trinkets, you can try these ideas.

pair of shot glasses with cracking quotes, which can immediately bring smiles to an employee.

A logo printed pen drive, for the hardworking HRs and best achiever.

A leather binded planner,for all employees.

A cracking combination of alluring desktop gifts, such as

• A pen stand with alarm clock
• A photo frame and an engraved pen
• A logo printed coffee mug
• A photo printed multi utility box
• A logo printed coffee mug
• A memento and pen stand
• A pen stand along with an embodiment and so on.

Hence, I hope this article helps you to amass relevant ideas about Diwali gift hacks. At this point if you feel little perplexed to choose a trusted shop, you can try Printland.in. it’s really a good one. So, enjoy shopping , enjoy gifting and happy Diwali.

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