Diwali is celebrated across India with a great joy and enthusiasm. Gifts enhance its grandness and bring people closer. This is the reason; people share gifts on this occasion. You would have bought Diwali gifts for family members too. To make your gifting more interesting, we have come up with unique Diwali gift ideas. You can find our personalized Diwali gifts ideas below;

1. Gold Coins with Personalized Envelope:

Diwali Greetings Ganesh Laxmi Gold Coin

Gold coin and silver coin keep the uppermost place in the list of Diwali gifts. People gift such expensive coins as a symbol of fortune. Gifting coins in a regular way is orthodox now. You can make it interesting and more personal by buying it from printing stores. Few printing stores are offering gold and silver coins in a personalized envelope on which, you can imprint your photo, the photo of the recipient, name, or anything that you want to imprint.

2. Personalized Coffee Mug:

Ganesha Printed Coffee Mug

You can gift personalized mugs to your family members with their photos and name printed on it. Additionally, you can imprint any message or quote on it if desired. These personalized ceramic mugs look fashionable and indeed these are trendy.

3. Personalized Sipper and Flask:

Personalized Sippers

The use of sippers and flasks in the home is known to all. You can buy a personalized sipper or flask with the desired design printed on it. You can browse the collection of printing store for choosing the right sipper or flask of the desired volume. It will be a great Diwali gift item as the recipient will use it for sure.

4. Personalized T-shirt:

Personalized T-shirts

With personalization, you can get your desired design imprinted on the t-shirt you want. As printing stores keep a wide range of colors of t-shirt, you get the liberty of choosing the right color with the right shade. There are numerous fabric types that can be acquired easily like cotton, micro-polyester, or drifit. You can get this personalized t-shirt in any size.

5. Personalized electronic items:

Yes, you can buy personalized electronic items too like headphone, power bank, mobile phone, projector, laptop, tablet, etc. On these items, you can imprint the name and photo of yours or the person who will receive your gift. By browsing the collection of printing store, you can choose your desired personalized electronic item. A projector will be a good choice too, as it will give you a new dimension of entertainment. You would enjoy your movies at bigger frame.

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