A picture printed on the surface of mug mystically shows up when hot beverage is filled in the mug. The imprinted image or text comes out beautifully and makes the user feel exciting. The mug returns to its typical state when the poured hot beverage chills down to the room temperature. Aside from the common coffee mugs, some extraordinary and magical mugs were designed on customer’s demand. With the expanding demand of customers for customized magic mugs come in three different colors- red, black and blue. The picture is generally stays undetectable at normal temperature. In this way, the enchanted effect in the black color magic mug. You may really love to drink refreshment hot drinks generally like- hot tea, hot coffee, warm plain water, even soup activate the true magic after pouring these beverages into magical mug. Also, these magic mugs are microwave safer and no harm in washing it with mild dishwasher soap. They come in different shapes and colors that will leave you amaze. Couples usually look for some unique gifts for their beloved one and if they wish to gift them something remarkable and that touches to their can choose customize magic mugs with engraved their wonderful photo or name on it. Especially heart shape handle magic mug will make your day. Always look for a unique gift that will dazzle everyone around.

Birthday Wish Red Magic Mug

Bring magic mug to surprise your apple of the eye

If you’re looking for a design with individual coffee mug check out the trendy online shopping portal. Sending photos and text online is one of the easiest way to get customize photo mugs. At gift magic mugs, ‘Printland’ offers various coffee mugs and custom magic mugs at your doorstep with great discount. Likewise, magic mugs are perfect for brand marketing with engraved name and logo of the company. Here you can see favorite picture or own artistic design on magic mug. Choose the lively color magic mug made of ceramic heat changing magic mug. These mugs have special heat reactive coating. As the hot liquid is added into magic mug, the image slowly revealed itself. Furthermore, personalize magic mugs have become a style statement and it be used at work place. The love for friends and family is never ending, so make them feel more special by gifting them an innovatively designed magic mug. Choose from the wide array of special magic mugs.

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