Promotional pens have been a traditional gifting idea in the corporate sector of India. Here employees of a company or some special clients of the company are presented with these specially printed branded pens as a gesture of thanks or a token of honor.


We know you are quite impressed by the idea of promotional pens or corporate pens and would like to get them to your inventory list of your corporate gifting inventory as soon as possible, but you are a bit confused about what are the pro’s and con 's of these and are they as good as others available in the market. So let us introduce you to the basic concept of these business pens printing.   As we told you that these pens are a great source of corporate brand establishment, we would like you to take a deep insight of the process of promotional pens printing.


There are many online business pens printing or promotional pens printing companies, some of them are large in size and some are small. The small one’s outsource the work to offline factories and get it printed from the local businessmen.  While there are handful of mega ventures who have a full setup of their own and keep a precise check on the quality of each and every product to provide full satisfaction of their team & their clients. These pens are print on order pens which basically revolve around the concept of bulk buy and bulk print (on order facility). Here the clients put in a bulk order, where the team at the backend readies the stock of branded pens in bulk and send it for the printing. These pens are specially printed upon as per client’s requirements. Generally we see them printed with a flat paint and a simple logo printed on it.


 Now these pens are ready to go for printing, where in the print facility the pens are painted on or embossed on with the logos and designs as per the requirements by the customer. After the printing process these are shipped to the customers who use it for different purposes. May it be corporate events, where these pens are handed over to the invitees, or the media gift, promotional pens cover them all. The best part is that generally there is a price range too, because there are some companies who want to avoid a certain costing or certain brand. We would like to sum up saying that promotional pens are a great corporate gift for any kind of brand trying to boost up its promotion.
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aditya kumar