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Make a Mark of Your Identity With Rubber Stamps - The perks of being your own boss include the pleasure of having a stamp of your own identity. You could quite literally get one, with a rubber stamp that punches your name and that of your company in ink on paper.


Rubber stamps have conventionally been used for printing text, company logos, designations, names, and addresses. These custom rubber stamps are used in offices, libraries, bookshops and all other places that require monetary or paper transactions. Ink made of dye or pigment is used via application to an image or pattern that has been carved or moulded.


Rubber Stamp Online

The rubber used for the stamp is usually either mounted on a piece of wood, plastic, or an acrylic block. Along with a coating of ink, the rubber stamp may be pressed onto any type of material to transfer the same to the medium. Often, the medium used is paper, fabric, wood, acrylic among others.


With the advances in printing technology, we now have easier access to options in this printing category.


Buying rubber stamps online is now as easy as clicking a mouse. Custom rubber stamps can be made with such ease nowadays. They are readily available in unique designs and shapes. These office stamps may be customized and readied for use at work.


Online Stamp Maker

Rubber stamping proves quite useful at work for sure, but it finds great use as a craft project as well. In the case of the latter, the ink made of dye or pigment is generally put on an image or a shape or a pattern that has been carved, moulded, engraved or vulcanized over a sheet of rubber. Here, the piece of engraved rubber may be put over a relatively stable thing like a piece of wood, or an acrylic block.


An online stamp maker facility allows you to produce a rubber stamp with ease, order it, and get it at your office in no time. This, coupled with easy payment options, make for a wonderful proposition, removing the snags and heckles of visiting the marketplace for the same.


The vulcanized rubber image is more and more being used with adhesive foam which permits it to be used with a supportive acrylic holder. From the point of view of pricing and storage, a few kinds of rubber stamps like these are less expensive than the wood-mounted versions. On the other hand, as kids, one would have used different objects, and even vegetables to create stamps in art and craft sessions. One may have used stamps made from potatoes – by carving a design on a half potato, for instance.


The ink-coated rubber stamps could be pressed onto any type of medium such that the coloured image is transferred to the medium. The medium is generally some type of fabric or paper. Other media used are wood, metal, glass, plastic, rock. High volume batik uses liquid wax instead of ink on a metal stamp.


Commercially available and widely used rubber stamps could be categorized as: stamps for use in the office, and stamps used for decor.


Self-inking stamps

Usually, rubber stamps fall into two categories: the common rubber stamp is the traditional one with a separate ink pad in a container apart from the stamp. The other kind of stamps are the self-inking stamps that come equipped with a self-contained dye that rests against the pad until the dye is flipped 180 degrees to make an imprint.



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