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Id Cards

Give your company employees an identity they like. Use our interactive calculator on the right to choose your required options for Professional looking ID Cards. You can customize each ID card yourself too! Click on Customize Order to get started.After the world seeing a terrorized atmosphere all around, the security systems are beefed up everywhere, the identity of a man is questioned until and unless he has some documents of identity or an identity card issued by an authority of permanence. Id card thus is the identity of a person nowadays. Many defaulters find a crack way inside the system and still manage to get away with tight security systems. Therefore, proper issuance and authentic print of an ID issued is very important. The ID card size depends upon the institution; it may want it to be small or large enough to be noticed. An ID card is not only used for the purpose of security, but it also imparts an institutions stamp on the person. For example a school id card or a college id card helps you claim yourself as a student of the particular school or college, similarly when you carry a company card, you can claim yourself as an employee of the company and as well as your designation proof to visitors. Companies, schools and colleges normally issue photo identity cards to avoid further confusion of names, as many people end up having one name. The employee id card is very precious as in some companies it is the key to let you inside a department chamber or even to get entry into the office premises. Similarly, school id card are helpful as young school children often forget their whereabouts, and can wander anywhere after school. The ID card is the only thing that carries all information about them right from their parents' number, home address, school name and other vital things such as blood group and any allergy or disease that the child may be suffering from, in case the child faces any untoward incident.

ID Card Maker Online

ID card printing can be done in any local shops, but the guarantee of providing quality id cards along with sophisticated markings and holograms are only available with us. In India, id cards were not in vogue, up until the time the terrorists began to play nasty, that is. Id cards became a necessity and rules were made stringent. We have the required experience and the assurance that whatever is your order, we will try to make it look sophisticate and authenticated. The company ID cards are a different thing altogether though, they have nothing to do with security systems, the main aim of corporate cards is to be identifiers of designation. Corporate ID cards are donned only when attending conferences and meeting like that. Whereas, the employee ID cards don't have such things, they are only for identity and access purpose. We also manufacture electronic ID cards for school staff and employees, in many companies and school electronic attendance system is in vogue, wherein an employee is required to flash their id card in front of a laser machine and the attendance of the employee along with the entry time is recorded and stored.

Online Identity Cards

As you know that PrintLand has made a name for itself in personalization items, similarly ID cards can be personalized on our personalization tools while designing too. When the school, company or the college authority sit and designs the identity card on our personalization tool, they will have the option of either uploading their designs or of designing from scratch. When you buy id cards online, then you must have the perfect looking id cards around. The ID cards online should be sophisticated looking as you did all on your own and no local printer interrupted or suggested any old design pattern. A thing to remember is when you design a college identification card the information included should be different from when you designs the identity card, it should be kept in mind that vital anatomical information about a person like allergy reaction, the student or employees blood group and emergency contact. Electronic id cards have less space as compared to the normal id cards, so when you design a customized id card for electronic purpose than what you have to do is make it a double sided id card and include all the info on the backside of the card. Identification cards online on our site provide every service you want for your identification card need.

Company ID Cards Printing

We also provide printable ID cards that you can order in bulk and fill the blanks in the ID as per your requirement. The printable ID cards we make you available are of high quality, which don't get torn off easily. We also cater to your promotional card making needs of like business identity card need, college ID card badges, corporate id card badges. Also, die cut business id cards, custom id card badges, full color business cards, high quality photo id cards, Id cards for employees with company logo, international student identity card, magnetic business cards, metal name id card, personal business id card, spot uv business id card and plastic business id cards as well.

ID Cards Printing in India

When you order id card online, more specifically when you order for personalized id card online from our site, make sure that you select proper shape and design according to your needs, designs which once finalized will be sent to you for review and then after the final design cannot be changed. However, yes, only after a design preview has received your confirmation, it will be finalized for printing. The process does not take time, and you will get your id cards delivered to you within the stipulated time-period. In addition, the ID card size should be mentioned, and the specific purpose also. The most important thing is the identity card should be properly signed and stamped by the concerned authority in way that cannot be duplicated for fraud purposes. It is a matter of great importance to us that you get your ID cards in exactly the way you wanted and how it was previewed on the internet. Moreover, we will make it important to us that you get your card delivery on time in order to facilitate your working process.

While selecting the design of id cards for the company employees we would like you to see our other products to be distributed amongst employees or clients for official use or corporate gifting purpose as promotional items such as corporate mousepads, printed pen with company logo, corporate desk calendars, company notepads, promotional stickers, promotional t-shirts, etc.

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